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A Crucial Decision

August is upon us and that means it’s time for First Friday Fiction. I’m continuing the story of David and Sarah. Last month, we left David wondering if his meeting with Sarah was more than a chance encounter. If you didn’t read that post, you may do so by clicking on this link. To read [...]

Finishing The Race

Only a few thousand spectators remained in the Mexico City stadium. Most of the crowd had already departed, the sun had set, and the winner of the 1968 Olympic marathon crossed the finish line over an hour earlier. Seventy-five competitors started the 42 km race; fifty-six had finished. When word came another runner was about [...]

A Chance Encounter

Morning sunlight filtered through the tall pines and cast long shadows along the path. The air was cool and refreshing—perfect for a hike. After only three days of being away from his demanding job, David felt more relaxed than he had in a number of months. In fact, he found himself dreading the time when his two-week vacation would be over.

Vacations ~New Mexico

This is the last of a series of posts about summer vacations. I have enjoyed sharing some of our vacation memories and highlighting several of America’s National Parks. If you missed the other posts, you can read them by clicking the following links: Tennessee, Colorado & Wyoming, Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower and Pike’s Peak, and [...]

Vacations ~Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde

This is the fourth in a series of posts about vacations. My husband and I love the west, and during the 1980s, most of our vacations were in the western part of the United States. To read the other posts in this series, visit the archive pages. After our trip to Mt. Rushmore and Devils [...]

Vacations ~Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, & Pikes Peak

This is the third in a series of posts about vacations. In 1986, we continued in our quest to visit some of our national parks and monuments. To read the first post click here. The second post is available by clicking here. For some unknown reason, by the summer of 1986 we decided “real” camping [...]

Going Home

Welcome to this month’s edition of First Friday Fiction. With today’s smart phones, we are never out of touch. Unless we live in the middle of nowhere, we are able to check email, social media, and talk on the phone 24/7. Yet I believe it is important to put these things aside and relax. We [...]

Vacations~Colorado and Wyoming 1985

This is the second of a series of posts about summer vacations. (You can read the first post by clicking here.) Both my husband and I love the outdoors and enjoy visiting America’s National Parks. Again, the photos are old and faded, so they don’t do justice to the beauty of the places we visited. [...]